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Wow Inflatables is proud to announce our rent to own program.  Here's how it works.  Team members, once eligible, can choose units from the available stock to rent to own. The team member will be given the terms of the rental and must pay the first and last months rental fees.  Once approved and the fees collected the unit will be placed in the team members inventory and they may rent it out as many times as they like and need only pay the monthly rental fee and 30% of the rental fee.  When the term of the rental is over the team member owns the unit and is only required t pay 30% of each rental fee to remain in the Wow program.  The unit will be insured as long as the team member remains I the program and the team member may also participate in the Loss and replacement program.  
Rent to fill program allows the team member to choose a piece that they wish to fill their inventory for a period of three months.  The team member pays three month rental fee upfront  and the unit is placed with them for that period.  The team member also must pay 30% of any rental fees collected during that period.  At the end of the lease the team member returns the piece and the rental is completed.  Special seasonal pieces will be included in the program.
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